• At the July 21, 2016 TCC Board of Directors meeting, the Board members voted to support the Wake County Transit Plan and the November 8, 2016 referendum that will fund it.  Please find attached resolutions supporting both.  With Wake County growing by 63 people every day, the TCC understands the importance of transportation options for all Triangle area residents.  The Board feels that the proposed plan is financially prudent and takes a measured approach towards enhancing transit.  The funding mechanism will be a one half cent addition to the sales tax which the Board feels is a more equitable and broad-based method than say a property tax increase.


Voters Approve Wake County Transit Plan Referendum

In the 2016 General Election, Wake County voters made their voices heard and approved a one-half percent local sales and use tax referendum to fund the Wake County Transit Plan.

The transit plan will help residents get where they need to go more easily. It will provide improved connections within Wake County and across the Triangle region through expanded bus service and commuter rail from Garner to Durham.

What Happens Next?

Over the next few months, the GoTriangle Board of Trustees will take the steps necessary to put the sales tax increase into effect in Wake County. It is expected that the additional tax will be collected starting in spring 2017.

Once GoTriangle begins collection of the tax, residents and visitors will start to see parts of the plan come to life, such as increased bus service in certain corridors, increased frequencies on some existing routes and extended bus service hours. Others steps such as implementation of dedicated lanes and stations for bus rapid transit and commuter rail will take place over the middle to later years of the 10-year plan.