Towards Balanced Growth: 
Solutions for a Better Tomorrow
aims to educate citizens, opinion leaders, and elected leaders on a series of such solutions which will, we believe, help maintain the Triangle’s high quality of life, its economic success, and protect the region’s natural environment.

This document lists five key policy principles, along with a corresponding set of solutions including:

  1. Mixed Use Development
  2. Open Space
  3. Transit Oriented Development
  4. The Development Approval Process
  5. Investing in Infrastructure

Our list of principles and suggested solutions is a starting point. It represents a focal point for elected officials, citizens, and the business community as we address growth related issues and challenges. We hope this primer will stimulate a continuous discussion about how we approach and regulate growth.

By working together, we believe citizens, businesses, elected officials, organizations, and individuals can find common ground towards balanced growth for a stronger, better tomorrow.