:  One of the pillars on which our organization was founded is advocacy.  Our mission in that regard
is to support people, projects, ideas, and governance that promote sensible, balanced growth and to protect the rights of property owners. 

The Raleigh Planning Commission is holding a hearing to discuss a text change that will limit the development potential of many properties in the City.  This amendment involves the calculation of building height (see the brief explanation below). 
Why is this text change important to you??  Because it is yet another infringement on your right to develop a property
 in the way that is responsive to both market and natural conditions.  It is yet another bite from the apple for municipalities who believe they should regulate and dictate the minutia of development, without regard to its effect on cost to the ultimate consumer!

It may surprise you to learn that many municipalities follow the lead of their larger cousins and emulate the over-regulation that they perceive as leading to the "success" of those cousins.  We must stop the viral spread of such burdensome, unnecessary government involvement.  And it can start today, with your help. 

Please make plans to attend the RALEIGH PLANNING COMMISSION meeting on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6 at 9:00 a.m.  
The meeting will be held at 222 West Hargett Street, Room 305, Raleigh, NC.

Your opinion matters!  We need numbers to convey our message loudly!  You may think this topic does not affect you.  But, I urge you to protect yourselves as this new regulation will lead to another that will impact you down the road.


Most Sincerely, 

David Lazzo, PE
2016 TCC Chairman


 “A UDO textamendment is under consideration by the Raleigh Planning Commission.  The text amendment (TC-17-18, a copy of which is attached) removes the option of not counting as a “story” a basement or attic unless the building is a detached or attached dwelling building type.  In addition, the text change removes the ability to have an additional hidden story where the property slopes away from the street unless the building is a detached or attached dwelling building type (see diagram below from the existing UDO).  Presently, all building types, including apartments, enjoy these options. 




June 30, 2015 - Call to Action

Today, the Senate Commerce Committee has approved HB 201! Thank you to all that contacted the Senators. We believe the bill will be on the Senate floortomorrow for a vote. Please continue to contact the Triangle Senators or all 50 by email or phone to request their support of the bill.

Again, thank you for your support! Keep calling and emailing! 

Senate Commerce Committee