TCC Coffee Chat with Town of Knightdale

The Triangle Community Coalition had another successful Coffee Chat with Town of Knightdale on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Joining our members in an informal chat were Mayor Pro Tem Randy Young, Councilor Pete Mangum, Councilor Mark Swan, Assistant Town Manager Bill Summers, Development Service Director Chris Hills, Admin. Service Director Suzanne Yeatts, Chief Lawrence Capps, Capt. Jacqui Poykir, Chief Tim Guffey, Public Works Department Phillip Bunton, & PIO Jonas Silver.

We provided the Town of Knightdale with a better perspective of the Triangle Community Coalition's goal to be a proactive partner in growth and land use issues and to work with senior staff and elected officials to develop policies, regulations, and procedures to encourage economic development, produce predictable (yet flexible) outcomes for all stakeholders, and protect the community's interests. 

The Town of Knightdale appreciated the TCC’s ability to offer objective facts and information in efforts to improve public policy debates and create effective working relationships between the business community and local government.  We had some great interaction with the TCC membership in attendance and had opportunity to talk about the following:

Mayor Pro Randy Young:

         ·         Welcomed the TCC to Knightdale and noted the packet to include quick fact data sheet about Knightdale

Councilor Pete Mangum:

·        Growth has been good in Knightdale allowing places like Knightdale Station Park to be so successful

·        Knightdale is managing growth in a quality way by clarifying growth in a positive context to public

·        Has a diversity of housing available

·        Water merger with City of Raleigh will be complete this year

Councilor Mark Swan:

·        Knightdale to be a destination – sense of place and people

Assistant Town Manager Bill Summers:

·        Knightdale focused on who they are going to be as they grow

·        Upcoming UDO updates and regulatory updates

·        Local transportation plan will allow Knightdale to manage it case by case and development by development

·        Multi family needs to be acceptable to community vision

·        Challenges for the next decade are that public comments are more robust

 Development Service Director Chris Hills:

·        Knightdale new fiscal year started on July 1, 2017.  They saw a substantial increase in new single family permits issued

·        Permits were up 17% from 2016 and 75% from 2015

·        Knightdale issued 81 commercial building permits and expect this number to increase in the coming year

·        Completed Harper Park & Knightdale Station Village part of the master plan concept

·        New stage for Knightdale Station Park Amphitheater

·        Adding a new police substation

·        Commercial growth includes 2 new industrial parks

·        Greenway extensions to connect to Raleigh greenway and Knightdale Station Park

·        Received grants to make improvements to greenways

·        60/40 Residential/Commercial mix

·        Comp plan is outdated because legislation has changed things.  Knightdale is half way through the comp plan> UDO changes to follow text changes. 

·        Can effect affordability

·        Asked TCC for input on text change items

·        Need to improve school perception.  PTA has a 7K budget compare to Cary’s 40K budget.

·        Town is working to create the need for north/south connectors to Hodge Road

Fire Chief Guffey:

·        Staff looks at school options and tend to go outside of Knightdale

·        Some live in Knightdale
Captain Capps:

·        Over ½ of police department live in Knightdale

TCC comments:

         ·         TCC members noted that development and building requirements create burdens that roll into the cost of building a home in Knightdale

         ·         David Lazzo noted younger generation generally wants smaller homes and lot sizes.  Median age of home ownership in Knightdale is 34 years of age.

         ·         Marty Clayton, Duke Energy working with Town is a partnership.  Infrastructure is needed with growth.