TCC Coffee Chat with the Town of Clayton on June 10, 2015.

The Triangle Community Coalition had another successful Coffee Chat
with the Town of Clayton on June 10, 2015.

Joining our members in an informal chat were Mayor Jody McLeod, Mayor Pro Tem Michael Grannis, Town Manager Steve Biggs, Assistant Town Manager, Nancy Medlin, David DeYoung, Planning Director.

We provided the Mayor and staff with a better perspective of the Triangle Community Coalition's goal to be a proactive partner in growth and land use issues and to work with senior staff and elected officials to develop policies, regulations, and procedures to encourage economic development, produce predictable (yet flexible) outcomes for all stakeholders, and protect the community's interests.

The Town of Clayton appreciated the TCC’s ability to offer objective facts and information in efforts to improve public policy debates and create effective working relationships between the business community and local government.  We had some great interaction with the TCC membership in attendance and had opportunity to talk about the following:

·         Mayor Jody McLeod

o    Downtown area is becoming strong. Great restaurant presence and continues to grow

·         Michael Grannis – Mayor Pro-tem

o    Top priority in Clayton is economic development

o    Currently partnering with coalition in Johnston County

o    Clayton is the leading municipality with growth in Johnston County and has the infrastructure to accommodate more

·         Steve Biggs – Town Manager

o    1/3 of his time is spent with Economic Development. Currently do not have a position dedicated for this effort. He and the mayor meet weekly about economic development. Also meets weekly with the Chamber. Town has a seat on the Chamber Board

o    With higher land costs in Wake County, they are hoping more development happens in Clayton

o    Town is growing to the west and north

o    Slightly ahead with building permits than this time last year

o    Clayton has a capacity of 4.4 million gallons of water with their facility and shared facilities throughout the area

o    Possible bond referendum for new school development in 2016 in Johnston County

·         David DeYoung – Planning Director

Town is currently in process of updating their comprehensive plan and will include a new future-use land map. Up to 20 units per acre in the downtown area. The Town would like to incentivize more development in the downtown area

·         David York asked about issues surrounding schools in Clayton.

o    Steve Biggs – schools are good. No issues. None of the schools in Clayton are on a year round schedule

·         Laurie Donofrio stated that more rooftops can attract retail and asked what numbers the Town needs to have to attract those stores.

o    Steve Biggs – Town is looking to work with Retail Strategies to help attract anchor retail stores. Currently do not have an engagement, but would like to see it happen soon 

·         David York asked if the community has “bought in” to the idea of higher density.

o    Mayor McLeod believes it is an education issue

o    Councilor Grannis believes they will always have push-back with issues like these, but they are a minority

o    David DeYoung – The pushback is coming from people outside of the town limits 

 If you are interested in participating in future meetings with the Town of Clayton or future Coffee Chats, watch for notices or contact the TCC offices at 919 812-7785 or Charlene Logan at to reserve your spot! 

These programs are a great way for you, as an exclusive benefit as a TCC member, to become active and help the TCC strengthen our relationships with local jurisdictions throughout the Triangle.   



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